Art by Travis Hanson.

People often ask what inspired us to create the Grey Griffins series, and the truth is that we had quite a few influences . . . J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings), C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are), and George Lucas (Star Wars) are at the top of the list. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t add Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Stan and Jack co-created many of the superheroes who have become household names (The Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, The Avengers and many more). Derek and I spent a lot of weekends hanging out at a comic shop called the Comiclogue, reading stories that featured many of Stan and Jack’s creations. In fact, I bought my copy of Fantastic Four #112 there when I was thirteen, and I still have it today.

Derek’s favorite comic book was the Uncanny X-Men, which centered around Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, where a telepath named Charles Xavier (Professor X) gathered powerful teen mutants to teach them how to use their powers for the good of mankind. We decided that would be Ernie Tweeny’s motto as well.

Ernie is a huge comic book fan, just like we were. Not only does he spend most of his time hanging out at a comic book shop (The Spider’s Web), but he writes and draws his own comic (The Amazing Adventures of Agent Thunderbolt). The stories center around . . . well, Ernie. You see, he’s become a real life superhero.

** SPOILER ALERT ** At the end of Rise of the Black Wolf, Ernie nearly dies. In order to save him, Max Sumner injected him with faerie blood that not only carried a healing property, but it turned Ernie into a changeling. ** END SPOILER **

So what is a changeling? It’s a lot like a mutant from the world of Marvel Comics, but instead of carrying an X-gene, changelings get their powers from faerie DNA. The faerie whose blood courses through Ernie’s veins not only had an ability to heal quickly, but it was fast and had enhanced hearing and eyesight. Now Ernie does, too. But there’s a catch. The more a changeling uses his or her abilities, the more he or she will turn into that faerie. Eventually, that person could lose his or her humanity completely.

The good news for Ernie, is that he found out a way to block that transformation. The secret? He drinks dragon dung tea (no, that isn’t a typo).

For nearly a year, Ernie thought that he was the only changeling on Earth, but when he transferred to Iron Bridge Academy he found out that there were other kids just like him. And they all had different powers:

* Denton: super strength and agility
* Smoke: teleportation
* Raven: can talk to inanimate objects
* Tejan: can wipe memories
* Laini: flight
* Hale: shapeshifting
* Robert: transmutation

Eventually Ernie (aka Agent Thunderbolt) formed his own superhero team called The Agents of Justice, and they’ve made it their mission to rid the world of slavers. You can find out how they did in Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles #2: The Relic Hunters.

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  1. I love these books, I read the trlogy and now I’m working on the chronicles!!!!!!!! I cant wait to read them! I
    love all of them so far, thank you SO much for making these books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the books. i started reading them at school during acheivement tests. i’m all up to date with the books, and i cant wait till paragon prison comes out. a few questions though. Are there any relations between characters, like are there any kisses or anything? Does anyone die?
    BTW. I <3 grey griffins
    P.S. BTW I <3 Harley
    p.s. i got my friend liz into the books so +1 fan

  3. I LOVE these books. Thank you for writing them. Derek Benz and Jon S. Lewis you are my favorite authors ever. I have read The Revenge of the Shadow King 19 times and I’m working on 20. I have all of them my favorite is The Revenge of the Shadow King. I prefer the trilogy. At the end of The Rise of the Blake Wolf I cried. I cried when Iver died too. I started reading them in third grade now I’m in fifth grade and I still LOVE them. I think my favorite character is Harley I have a lot in common with him I LOVE go-carts and anything with a motor. The Grey Griffins got me to LOVE reading now the only way my parents can punish me is to take away my books. When I was on the last chapter in The Relic Hunters my dad caught me reading and took my book away I cried for two hours. Thank you again for writing these books I LOVE them. Dear lord,I thank you for making Derek and Jon and for giving them the ability to write these books that I LOVE so dearly Amen. Thank you Derek Benz and Jon S. Lewis for making The Revenge of the Shadow King,The Rise of the Black Wolf, The Fall of the Templar, The Brimstone Key and, The Relic Hunters

  4. Amen. But I have more in common with Ernest honestly. Sorry Ernie. BTW Im a girl. But, Im kinda dorky, I have glasses and braces, I sometimes have brave moments but im usually bit skiddish, I dot have super speed of super eyesight. WWWWAAAAIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since Ernest, sorry Ernie, has super vision, does he still need his glasses??????????????????? Madelyn, Do you think that Ernie and Natalia will be together, like as couple, because I do. LUV DEREK BENZ AND JS LEWIS
    Go ERNIE! HEs my fav. absolute FAVORITE character. LUV U ERNEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good question. Some fans have also suggested that Natalia and Harley should get together. I think Harley never really considered girls much. Until he met Raven in Earth Beta. Now, anything is possible. Also, Natalia just turned 13 a few months ago (her birthday is Valentine’s Day), so she’s not the same girl she used to be.

  5. Hi, I started reading the Grey Griffins series when I was in fifth grade and even though I’m 17 now and going into my senior year of high school, I still enjoy these books very much. There is something about this series that reminds me of my childhood so reading them is so fun. I can’t believe its been seven years since I first read Revenge of the Shadow King!

  6. I read all three of the clockwork chronicles books! I loved all of them! When I was almost done with the first, I finally figured out that there was a series before that. But I just couldn’t stop reading them! I finished the first one in two days, then read the second one in one day. Today, I’m going to ask my dad to take me to go get the very first one. I’m so excited!
    I was really sad when Robert died. But I think that it gave readers a good idea of how sick Von Strife could be. I’m also hoping that Hale’s still alive and that Ernie finds her.
    I also think that Ernie’s new superhero team should be exclusive. He should quietly ask people that are up for the job and set out to find Hale. Here are people that I think should be on his new superhero team.
    Hale(if they find her)
    Raven(if she decides it’s a good idea)
    and Gipetto.

  7. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forgot to tell you!!! I read the third one in one day. By the way, thank you sssssssssssssooooooooooooo much for writing the Grey Griffins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to a writing camp next week called Creative Lines( I think that’s what it’s called). I’m really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your books gave me a really good book idea and I’m working on it already!
    By the way, I love changelings!!!!! My favorite on is either Hale, Geppetto, or Raven.
    If you’re too busy and can’t reply, I’d understand. But if you have the time, PLEEEEAAAASE reply.
    Thank you!

  8. i loved all the grey griffins book they are the best ive read in along time i wonder if there is gonna be another trilogy
    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Von Strife really isnt a bad person he actually sent the changeling to an alternate universe and they fused withe the other version

    • I’ve been wondering this too. Derek said it was going to be out late August at the latest and that they just had to finish up some art for it. Maybe there’s publishing chaos? Or there was more art to finish than they thought? Whatever it is that has us waiting, I’m sure it’s just to make it the best it can possibly be. It’s weird that I can’t find anything on amazon or Barnes and Noble’s websites about it though. It’s supposed to be an ebook, right?

      • uh… ya. but my mom has an ereader, and i looked it up the other day, and couldnt find anything. i begged my parents for 3 weeks straight for it, and NOTHING. Still my fav. authors. Ernest+Naatalia=<3

      • The hold up is me. :-) Well, mostly. I need to get some approvals from various folks first, and I’ve been traveling a bit more than usual, so I couldn’t organize everything I needed. It IS quite ready to go, though. I’ll post as it gets closer.

  9. Yeah, they’re awesome authors. I’m personally a Logan fan with Max as a close second.
    I just hope the encyclopedia comes out soon.

  10. ya. i love logan. I try to imagine his face and a scotish accent, and i just cant do it. Have you ever read the seven realms or heir chronices. if not you should check them out.

  11. I know what you mean! It took me a while to get a good mental image of Logan, especially with the accent. I’ve watched tons of shows/movies/interviews with Scottish actors for the sole purpose of trying to make the accent make sense in my head.
    Like, the Warrior Heir? I love those books! Leander Hastings is one of the more interesting characters I’ve read about. I really love the whole idea behind those books. I haven’t read the Seven Realms yet, though I’ll definitely get on that.

  12. I picture logan as more of A Salmon Kahn. I dont know if hes like really old now, but I picture logan of the more sexy one that girls fall on their faces for in theatres. and i picture Athena being like a Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stewert. Does Ernie need his glasses since hes a changeling?

  13. ” I picture logan of the more sexy one that girls fall on their faces for in theatres” Selena, I could not agree more (though I think Jason Statham fulfills this requirement when his hair is a little bit longer). I don’t know if it’s because both the authors and the main character are guys, but the only male character who is ever expressly stated as handsome or attractive is Lord Sumner and a lot of the female characters are on the receiving end of adjectives like beautiful (Rhiannon Heen, Athena, Mrs. Sumner, Grandma Caliburn, probably more). However, I think Logan’s accent alone puts him worlds above Sumner on the attractiveness scale. The dude doesn’t get enough credit for being good looking on top of being a complete boss.
    Personal actor choice for Logan? Simon Kassianides.
    And yes, Leander is wonderful.

    • In our notes, Logan is described as ruggedly handsome. Although he could probably get himself on the cover of GQ with attitude and accent alone. He is Scottish, so dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin are less likely. As for Lord Sumner, he is what you would call unfairly advantaged in almost every category. He’s definitely handsome, but the more so because he knows how to dress, how to talk, how to command ruthlessly, how to instill respect and fear in others, as well as to love passionately. Still, I think it’s obvious that for all those advantages, Lord Sumner’s appearance is a chilling warning that looks can be deceiving. Logan…. Lord Sumner… what about Vlad?

      • Okay, just to make sure I have this straight: It’s stated in the books that Logan has black hair and I think I remember reading on the old version of the website (the glossary) that he’s got brown eyes? (I’ve read the books so many times I’ve lost count and the only adjective I’ve seen Logan’s eyes receive is “piercing”) And he’s Scottish, so he’s there’s-weather-other-than-rain-and-overcast? pale?
        Oh yes, Sumner’s looks are most certainly deceiving.
        Vlad? He’s certainly attractive, but the fact that he’s also very intimidating makes it almost less so? Gah, it’s hard to explain. Like, if you think just about looks than they’re all attractive. But if you throw in personality, Sumner becomes charming, Logan becomes intimidating, and Vlad becomes flat out scary. And then if you toss in things they’ve done, Sumner becomes a charming jerk, Logan is still intimidating but there’s that “good guy” feeling along with his lovely sense of humor, and Vlad is That Scary Guy With The Dragon and the Aggressive Problem-Solving Style, leaving him more of a guy who commands respect and fear in the most serious way than a guy who spends a large amount of his time with kids in middle school but is still a boss.
        “Although he could probably get himself on the cover of GQ with attitude and accent alone.” The idea of Logan attempting this as perhaps a bet with Soren or someone is absolutely hysterical in every way. I’m not sure why, but it is.
        Also, long time question: the phrase “You bet your breeks”? I googled breeks and Google says they’re basically pants. I really, really hope Logan isn’t being literal here. I laugh every time I read that part. It’s a perfect line. Just saying.

  14. Oh, I’ll have to look Simon Kissianides up. But ya, Logan is supposed to be the big, buff, “Bad boy” Character, and I think that he needs to be a young enough figure so that he can appeal to teenage girls. And with his accent, it does put up above most guys. And I think that it would seem awkward for Derek or Jon to put something in the book that would refer to Logan as “hot”. but I would love to see and Athena have some kiss scenes ot something. Logan deserves some action just as much as Taylor Lautner.

  15. Yeah, there’s some serious age confusion with Logan. It’s never expressly stated in the books, though what makes the most sense to me is him being about 28 ish. The later books (Fall of the Templar onward, really) do a really awesome job of showing that he is on the younger side through the way he speaks. If you really look at his dialogue from the first book and compare it to, say, Relic Hunters, you can see the switch from formality to a more casual tone.
    Yeah, it would be awkward, which is why I guess it hasn’t been mentioned.
    But yes! Some sort of Logan and Athena relationship would be lovely. I think because they both lost their families around the same young age (they both told Max and Natalia respectively that they were around the kids’ age when their parents died) that they would really understand each other in that respect. Throw in that they’re both top-notch soldiers and pretty brilliant people and they seem really compatible (you know, except for the minor detail of Athena betraying the Templar and Logan no doubt being less than pleased about that).
    I could totally imagine Natalia somehow figuring out that there was some sort of past relationship between Logan and Athena and being bothersome about it.

  16. that would be awesome! I wish that there would be a movie. That would totally throw the series overboard, and it would make people who don’t want to read the books at first really sike them from seeing them on the big screen. And your right, with Nat’s medling skills, I think that would be a great side “romance” story in the books.

  17. YES. MOVIE. A movie would be fabulous. Preferably live action. Hunger Games movie starts advertising? Everyone who didn’t read it goes and buys a copy. Grey Griffins movie? Similar effect (hopefully).
    A side “romance” plot made even better because Natalia is stubborn and persistent, and Logan protects his personal life better than government secrets. Natalia would be like “So, you and Athena, huh?” and on the inside Logan would be mortified, but he’d just pokerface and pretend like he had no idea what she was talking about.

  18. Idk. But there needs to be a kiss in there somewhere. With there being 6 books with nothing romancy besides that little bit with harley and raven, there needs to be some major romance in there. That might just be my inner teenager talking, but I think that there should be one trilogy in the series that has atleast enough romance to make some people giddy. I just hope that if they do make a movie, it doesnt end up like the percy jackson movie where they copletely mess it up.

  19. UGH! Tell me about it!! That Percy Jackson movie was a trainwreck!!! But, they got a new director and they’re trying to salvage the franchise with the second movie. They had the girl who plays Annabeth dye her hair blonde and a lot of characters from the books like Clarisse will be appearing. So, hopefully, that will be better.
    On the romance note, agreed. I second this motion. A large majority of the fans of these books, which were originally aimed at middle school students, are now in high school (I mean, I’m a sophomore). I think the material should grow up with the fans and the characters, like how the older Harry got in the Harry Potter series the books got “older” as well. More romance would be nice. The kids are what? 13 now? 13 is awkward first boyfriend/girlfriend age. *shrug*

  20. yah, I’m not saying that the books arent great already, trust me they are, but alot of the readers, including myself, have grown up with the grey griffins. I started reading them about five years ago, and I still read them. Like, I’ll refer to the Harry Potter books, they start with Harry being younger, so he acts younger, but as the books go on, he ages, so he acts older. I mean, the grey griffins definately age in with how they fight, and obviously as mentioned in Paragon Prison, they are develoing crushes. I honestly think that Nat, being the only girl, should develope a crush on someone. And Ernie, he is still my fav character, be his goofball attitude, his stubborness, or just that he seems like someone I would hang out with, that really shows that you guys have a true talent in writing. You can develope characters out of nothingness, and make me cry when they cry, or celebrate when the win a battle. I honestly think that if you guys wanted to go on to write ten more books, you could. And I think that if you guys get a good enough producer, you could make movies that would be ten times better than the hunger games or twilight. The Grey Griffins will be the movie adds that you see everywhere. I’m going to stop writing now because my hands are cramping.

  21. Yeah, I’m typically not the most emotional reader, but when I’m reading a Grey Griffins book? Well, it’s an entirely different story.
    When I first read Relic Hunters, my dad was in the room and he was pretty concerned when I started hyperventilating and repeatedly saying “No”. I was pretty much losing it during those last few chapters. The bit with the sunglasses? Killed me. I was prepared to start throwing things. Luckily for my general surroundings, I was reading it on the Kindle computer app and the part of my brain that was still being rational kept me from flipping my laptop. By the time I finished the book, I felt like I had just watched a marathon of scary movies and then ran 5 miles.
    Paragon Prison? I woke up at 3am and read the whole thing by seven, having to stop periodically to freak out a little. 3 am.

    On the subject of “ten or more books”: YES, PLEASE.

  22. I think their going to write seven more. But, ya, when Robert died, I was soooo incredibly sad, i read it three times, and cried every time. And at the end of fall of the templar “‘We love you ernie’ Natalia said, ‘get better soon’” That was when I lost it. Tears streamed down my face so much, I could hardly see the words. OH! I have a fanfic. Im gonna write it as my next post! *Screams*

  23. Heres my fanfic for the next book, If you decide to use any ideas from this, its totally ok. But i doubt you will.

    The setting is in the tree house, right after Agent Thunderbolt went on a mission to save some people from a house fire situation with the other changelings.

    Logan walked in the room with a grim look on his face. “I’m terribly sorry to tell you this,” he began “but Agent Thunderbolt didn’t make it out of the building.”
    “What?” Natalia’s heart jumped, “What do you mean he didn’t make it out?”
    “He didn’t make it.” now her heart stopped all together. How could he have not made it out?
    “Did the other changelings make it out?” asked Max.
    “Yes. Ernest went back to save a little girl who was stuck in her room, and never came back out,” Logan replied looking regretful. Natalia felt tears welling in her eyes. She tried to blink them back, but realized that she didn’s care if she cried anymore. So that’s what she did. She sat down next to Max and Harley on the ground, and cried.
    After a little bit, she felt someone tap her shoulder. “Leave me alone,” she managed.
    “Fine,” said an offended, squeaky voice.
    “Ernie?” she opened her eyes to find Ernie standing right in front of her with some ashes smeared on his skin, “Ernest it’s really you!” she immediately stood up and pulled him into a hug.
    “Ya, it’s me, I’m still Ernie,” he said sounding slightly confused.
    Tears streaming down her cheaks, she coughed out, “I thought you were dead.”
    “I’m not dead, though. I’m right here.”
    “I know. But Logan said that you were dead.”
    “Well I might as well been,” he said.
    “Why?” she asked, pulling away slightly.
    “Well,” he bagan, pulling her in close again, “I got out of the buildig, but th parents said that their little girl was still in her room. So I ran back into her room and grabbed her. But, when I went to leave, the fire had spread into the hallway so I couldn’t get out that way any more. So, I jumped out the window. The second story window. I’m pretty sure that I broke my ankle, but thankfully, my powers healed me.”
    “Wow!” Natalia said, pulling away intirely. She felt tears swelling in her eyes again, and she started crying.
    “Maybe we should give them some space,” she heard Harley say, and with that, him, Max, and Logan stepped outside.
    “Sorry,” Natalia said, wiping away the tears that ran down her cheaks, “I’m smothering you.”
    Ernie took her hand in his, “I don’t mind.”
    Natalia smiled and blushed as he ran his thumb over the back of her hand, “Well, I should probably go tell the others,” she bagan as she turned to walk away, freeing her hand from his. But he tightened his grip and spun her back around to face him. All within five seconds, she wrapped her free hand around his neck, and quickly leaned in and kissed him. He dropped her hand and put his hands on her shoulders as if to push her away, but quickly dropped his hands to her waste. She pulled away and took a breath, then leaned in and kissed him again, this time wrapping both hands around his neck. She realized that he didn’t have his Agent Thunderbolt helmate on. She pulled away, keeping her hands on his neck.
    As she did, Max and Harley barged in and Natalia instantly took two steps in the oposite direction of Ernie. “Whoa! Were you two kissing?” Harley blurted out.
    “What? No!” Ernie lied in a high squeaky voice. Natalia’s eyes shot wide at the sound of the squeak.
    Max and Harley both fell over laughing, “Oh my God! You were!” Max managed between cackles. Once he and Harley got a hold of them selves, they stood up, “Does that mean that you two are all lovey dovey now?” Harley asked.
    “Why? Jealous?” Ernie joked.
    “No!” Harley blurted while blushing from ear to ear.


  24. Uh… Talk about dot dot dot. I’ve started and finished three series since the last news on G.G.s frankly, i’m getting a bit bored waiting. It gets a wee bit boring after i’ve read all the books who know how many times. Encyclopedia?
    _ _ (this is whenever the cricket chirps) :)
    — BTW, i was joking. I’m not really mad or anything. I just wish there was more to hold fans over with. Like how Lauren Kate wrote Fallen in Love, that type of thing.

    • Hi Selena,

      I’m in the midst of adding about 30 additional illustrations to the companion. It takes a while when it’s done in the spare time. However, as I was working on it this morning, I discovered two items missing from the companion: the submarine (from Paragon Prison) and Lord Sumner’s jet (from Rise of the Black Wolf). I’ll get them added in. Meanwhile, if anyone here on this site would like to tell me what they’d like to know more about, I can ensure it’s in the Companion!

      • Okay, so this Encyclopedia is sounding glorious. I am beyond excited.
        I actually have a 32 question list of things I want to know (I went a little nuts when I thought Paragon Prison was going to be THE END), which I’m going to have to comb through and see what is actually important after I finish the insane amount of homework I have to do.

        Also, I know A LOT of stuff gets cut from books in the editing process. I’ve seen authors (J. K. Rowling being one of them) post interesting stuff that never made it into the final book on their websites. Is there any of that lying about? Or will the Companion/Encyclopedia have that kind of stuff?

  25. Okay, so here’s the top twelve questions from my gigantic list.

    1. Why did Magnus pretend to be mute?

    2. In The Fall of the Templar, Athena rescues Max and Logan from Blackstone’s attempt to assassinate Max in the form of a werewolf. What was she doing there in the first place? Just hanging out? Coming by to hang out with Logan? And, even more importantly, does she ever get the slice of pizza she earned?

    3. When they’re in the Underworld during The Fall of the Templar, Natalia notices that Athena is completely dry while the others are soaked with slime, and she makes a note to find out how Athena managed it. She never asks, or at least her asking is never shown in the books, and I myself am curious. So, why wasn’t Athena covered in slime?

    4. I know Cain said it was better to not know, but why doesn’t one talk to the dwarves on the Dam of the Underworld?

    5. Where do the adults go when the kids are captured by the Iron Maidens (Fall of the Templar)?

    6. What’s Rosa’s problem with Logan? She totally ignores him in The Relic Hunters when she gives Max his letter about transferring into Archaeological Reconnaissance and Excavation, and in the original trilogy, she seems to just generally not like him. What did Logan ever do to her?

    7. Logan tells Max not to worry about it, but I want to know: What favor does Logan do for his friend who works in the game development department in order to get the Clockwork Chaos expansion pack for Max before it’s released?

    8. Why doesn’t Logan like Winifred?

    9. Okay, this one is sheer curiosity: Beta Logan’s eye-patch. First, eye-patch <3. Second, and more importantly, is there any relation between Beta Logan's eye-patch and Alpha Logan's scar on his cheekbone? Like, in the incident where Logan gets that scar (how did he get that scar?), did Beta Logan react differently and lose the eye instead of just getting a cut? Because that'd be cool. Or, does Beta Logan just really want to be a pirate? Argh?

    10. On page 53 of the paperback edition of Revenge of the Shadow King, Logan states that he will soon have to face one of his few fears. Was he wrong (even though we all know he's always right)? Did he and he just did it in such a way that no one noticed he was scared? Has it not happened yet? Was it Winifred? Is he afraid of ferrets? Now I'm just being ridiculous. But seriously, I would like to know.

    11. In The Brimstone Key, Max has the ability to animate the faeries in the Round Table cards. Where does this awesome ability go off to? Does he just forget that he has this awesome skill?

    12. In The Brimstone Key, Natalia can see Stacy Bechton, the dead changeling, even though none of the others can. Why is this?

    • I’ll answer a few here that aren’t in the Companion:

      3. Re: Athena staying dry and clean: She’s as agile as a cat, and like a cat, she’ll always land on her feet and never looks anything than perfect. It’s just part of who she is.

      5: re: missing adults: this is a great catch and one of the scenes that was shortened significantly from the first draft to keep things humming along. According to notes, the adults were separated from the kids in the darkness that fell just as the Iron Maidens attacked. The kids were probably stolen away in the confusion, and the adults (Cain, etc) had to come find them.

      7: re: Logan’s favor:we’ll never know. But my guess is that he brought something back from one of his trips and gave it to the friend.

      8. re: Winifred: Logan doesn’t really care for pets. Plus, weasels tend to get into trouble, and that’s the last thing Logan needed on this trip.

      9. re: Beta Logan’s eyepatch: you are quick! Nice catch. The scar just ran a little deeper in Beta Logan, blinding him in the one eye. You’ll find in the Companion that Natalia notes this… and also makes a quick reference to her friend who pointed it out. Thanks “friend”. :-)

      10: re: Logan’s fear: Logan is really only scared of one thing, when it comes down to it, and that’s not being able to protect the one’s he loves. That’s probably why he’d always told Max that he’s never met his own parents, rather than the real story of how they died… That loss really shaped Logan’s life.

      12: re: Stacy Bechton: Stacy’s been a ghost for a long time (October 1914). She probably figured out how to reveal herself to some people, and not others.

      • asdfjl;kj Um, Derek, you are my favorite. This honestly made my week. Nothing is better than getting your book questions answered.

  26. I have some things too.

    1. Where did Brook get her awesome ability to heal?
    2. Why is it that some kids have bounder fairies and others don’t?
    3. How did Iver and Grandpa Caliburn meet?
    4. Why is there no information on Max’s other gradparents? From his dad’s side?
    5. Where is Max’s dad?
    6. What ever happened to Athena? I know she ran off with Ray and Dracula, but why?
    7. Why are there two of every person in the parellel universes, but only one Aiden Thorne? Are there two and we just don’t know about the other one? Or are there two that we know about, but we only think it’s one?
    8. Any backstory on Obadia Strange? He just kinda appeared and dissapeared.
    9. In Revenge of the Shadow King, Ms. Heen is an Angel or Witch or something. What happened to her?! She just dissapeared, and if I recall, I’m pretty sure that she said that their paths might cross again. Any info on her?
    10. Morgan Lafey or whatever her last name is, she is the Black Witch, and she is a huge “bad guy” in the first trilagy. Did she just drop off the face of the Earth?
    11. Why did Brook take Smoke’s hand in the Brimstone Key at the dance? She knew that he had a bad rap. Did she have a sweet spot for him, or is she just that generally “sweet?”
    12. I miss Robert! I litterly cried in Paragon Prison when he was alive! Why did Obadia choose him and Hale? Why not Ernie or Denton or Tejan?
    13. What’s up with Athena and Logan? Do they hate eachother or are they desperately in love?
    14. Other people on Earth Beta? What’s up with them? How’re they doing?
    15. Harley and Raven? They had the perfect “not” romance on Earth Beta. Raven and Brook were watching them through the Paragon Prison, so will their romance continue on Earth Alpha?
    16. Will Logan ever get his shining moment? He is the “bad boy” of the stories, why doesn’t he get some awesome moments? He has all of that incredible training, why doesn’t it show?
    17. What’s with the scar on Logan’s face? Was it a fist fight? Or was it the thing that he’s scared of that he mentions in Revenge of the Shadow King?
    18. Will Annika Sumner ever become a family person? Will Hannah ever find out about the Grey Griffins?
    And for my final question,
    19. Will there be any backstory on what happened with Logan and Athena?

    • These are such great questions. Ok, same for Dakota. I’ll answer the ones that aren’t already in the Companion!

      3. Iver and William Caliburn: they both attended Stirling Academy, and were Monster Hunters togethers. Later on, they were in the Second World War together, and afterward joined THOR. Well, not exactly afterward. But that’s classified!

      4. Grandpa and Grandma Sumner: They both passed away. All Max has are the pictures. He doesn’t remember ever meeting them. Sad, huh?

      6. Where is Athena: While she serves Dracula, she’s technically an ally of the Templar. So Logan has seen her a couple times since the big “betrayal” – not that he was happy to see her. Athena needs to come back and apologize. Or at least explain. But I think she’s hiding from her feelings of guilt. She’s a good person, with the right intentions. She would never have harmed the Griffins, least of all Natalia.

      7.Smoke: (this one I cover, but I’ll share anyway). There’s only one Strange/Von Strife now, right? Same thing for Smoke. The two Smokes were merged at some point.

      9. Ms. Heen: we see her again at the end of Fall of the Templar, in the awards ceremony. But there will be another time, I’m sure. :-) She’s one of my favorite characters.

      11: Brooke and Smoke: Brooke likes to believe the best in everyone. She took a chance that he wasn’t being a jerk. You saw how that turned out…

      12: Robert: According to Von Strife, he brought Robert (and other changelings endangered by their own powers) to Earth Beta because the medicine was there to treat them. That’s probably not even close to the whole truth, though.

      13. Logan and Athena: They were very close – as I think you know. Now, Logan just feels lied to. And Athena feels awful.

      14. Other folks on Earth Beta: we won’t know how things work out back on Beta unless Iver or Cain bring news. Without the Paragon Engine, they are about the only one’s who can still travel there. But… this is a very good point, Selena.

      15. Raven and Harley: I think you can assume they are going to try to see if they “work” on Alpha as well as they did in “Beta”. Ernie doesn’t seem perturbed about it much – at least not anymore. And I really hope they do work out. They seem to fit so well together.

      16: Logan has had many, many shining moments where he shows off his mad skills. Especially in the last three books. But most of those scenes were cut to keep the plot moving. I’d love to be able to share some of those at some point. In the Relic Hunters, he had a superb knock-down drag-out street fight with an old enemy of his…

      18: Annika is unlikely to change too much. She might improve, but she’ll never be one of those apple pie TV-star moms. After the divorce, a lot of her warmness was turned to ice, and she doesn’t know how to get it back. As for Hannah, she’ll definitely know all about the GG. She is, like Max, both of Sumner and Caliburn blood, after all. She has a big role to play in the future, I hope!

      19: Logan and Athena: I’d like to write that backstory for you. It’s a good one. I’ll need to talk it over with Jon (JS) first, though. :-)

  27. Okay, you have no idea how happy I am to know that I am not the only one who cares about these books this much. These are exactly the sort of things I wonder when I’m reading. I have no idea how to express my happiness about this.

    4. YES! Because in Rise of the Black Wolf, Iver tells Max how his dad is the first person in ages to turn down his Templar heritage (Another good question! Why didn’t Lord Sumner want to be a Templar? Since when is businessman better than knight?), so what’s the story with that side of Max’s family? Iver said that Annika and Grayson the Second were both from important Templar families. We know that his mother’s side has the Codex thing, but what’s so special about the other side of Max’s family? Does Max have any cousins? Are they Templars???

    6. I don’t know why, but it better be a good reason or I will be EXTREMELY upset.

    9. Rhiannon Heen!! She shows off her crazy supernatural powers in the first book, dissapears, shows up in the last chapter of the third book our of NOWHERE and then she’s just gone again and I’m like “Wait… What’s her deal???”

    10. LaFey is in Dracula’s dungeon, yes? I mean, she killed his daughter and his wife or something right? He’s certainly not having a tea party with her. Vlad is no doubt making her life as miserable as possible.

    13. A healthy mix of both, I think. Something like a, “I hate you so much right now, but I am inexplicably attracted to you. How does this even work?” type relationship. Except, I don’t think they’ve seen each other since she ran off with Ray and the Spear other than the little meeting on the roof in Scotland in Brimstone Key where Logan couldn’t do anything but nod.

    14. Yeah, did Beta Soren die? Soren has, like, a grand total of twelve lines (probably less) and I just love him? Freaking Beta Soren.

    15. …..Oh my gosh…. wait…. Raven and Brooke watched everything, right? And didn’t Harley say something rather nasty about Raven that Beta Raven heard? Did Alpha Raven see that bit? Harley, really, man, what are you doing to yourself? You sir, with the big mouth, need to watch what you say… insulting Raven and Catalina Mendez’s bounder fairy… tsk tsk.

    16. Um, yes. Please. Logan being a boss. Want, want, want. (Really, I want a whole book/series centered around Logan) I mean, he has some awesome scenes, but there should be more, because he is awesome.

    17. That scar. That scar is the best. My bet is knife fight. My hope is it’s like a really old scar that he’s had since he was a street fighter. (What are the ages for that whole time period? He was 11-12-ish when his parents died and now he’s mid-thirties, so how long was he living on the streets? How young was he when he first started living on the streets? How old was he when the Templar recruited him?)

    18. !!!!!!!!!! Annika !!!!!!!! “Okay, Max, I promise, we’ll try to be a family” says Annika in Fall of the Templar. Clockwork Chronicles? She’s not even there. What promise to be a family? Let’s go hang out in the Hamptons and leave Max with Logan and Grandma Caliburn! Annika is so infuriating. ((I just remembered in Rise of the Black Wolf she and Max are fighting about his dad and she’s like “Don’t they have phones in Scotland?!” and the best sassy response would’ve been “Geez, Mom, I dunno. Go ask Logan,” and just walk away.)) Hannah is getting to the age of “I care what my brother’s doing” and little kids are notorious for being able to find out what their big siblings are up to. (More Hannah questions: Why could Beta Hannah tell it wasn’t Her Max in Paragon Prison? Hannah was like a year and a half in the first book, and Max’s parents were divorced three months prior to the first book so, she was just over a year old when Grayson II left. Does she even remember him? Isn’t she getting to age when she’s going to have “Where’s Dad?” questions? Does she see Logan as something of a father figure since he’s like the only adult guy around that house? Like, what’s up with Hannah?) Wow, that was long.

    19. All I can say here is PLEASE.

    • 10: I like this answer a LOT! No, Vlad has no intention of giving up his favorite home decoration (Morgan has been frozen into a statue just as she did to him six hundred years ago).

      14: Soren is definitely in the companion. I had a drawing of him here at home that I did, but won’t be included in the companion for various reasons. Here’s what you’ll find in the companion: Søren: Logan’s Danish second-in-command within the THOR division. He’s lean, cold and silent (an old wound makes talking difficult). He may not have the flash and style of Logan, but when it comes to killing, he’s a one-man army. Rumor: Once, as a birthday present to his commander, he tracked down one of Logan’s old enemies, and after a four week chase in the blinding snow of Antarctica, he caught up with the man. After a brief, one-sided fight, Søren gift-wrapped the guy and beamed the picture back to Logan via Satellite. You can still find the picture in a frame on Logan’s desk.

      18: Hannah: As you might guess, Hannah has some “abilities” of her own. Max can sense faeries and portals at a distance. Hannah might have something similar that lets her sort out what’s right and what’s screwed up.

      • Perfect revenge! And statues typically aren’t very good at escaping, so Vlad wins the caption for Best Revenge Plan.

        That is possibly the best thing I’ve ever read ever. He gift-wrapped him! Soren is even cooler than he was before. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like the body of one of your enemies. There are no words to express how much I enjoy this. No words. This just completely sums up Soren and Logan’s relationship. “I hunted down and gift-wrapped one of the guys you don’t like because you’re the best boss.” (It’s definitely possible that I love this story too much.)

          • Um YES! Again, there are no words. A pre-Athena-disaster THOR story would be the greatest thing ever. Since the books focus mostly on the kids, who are kind of “oh, grown-ups… boring… whatever… ADVENTURES!”, we never get to see Logan and the THOR agents really doing their thing, Like, without the “look after the kids” part. I really enjoyed the first chapter of Fall of the Templar (Is it just me, or does Logan get really sarcastic in dangerous situations? “Oh, well look at that, my life’s in danger. Time to be funny.”) So, yeah, I’d be psyched about a THOR agents story.

  28. Dakota, love yours too.
    1. Super good question. Maybe he was just that stupid…
    2. Hopefully, coming to hang out with Logan :)
    3. Maybe she had an umbrella hidden somewhere. Awkward…….
    4. Totally. They never tell ya. Maybe they’ll like control your mind.
    5. Casinos!!!!!!
    9. It would be awesome if it was something like that. Like they reacted different. What if there are more earths than just those two. Maybe one Logan died :( I would cry.
    10. It’s totally ferrets. He thinks that their too stinky and odd. If so, Logan just dropped a few points on my lovely book peeps list. Maybe putting him below Jack Dandy from STEAMPUNK chronicles which btw. Every one should check out. Lady Cross is an amazing author. Not as good as derek and Jon, though.
    11. Yeah, it’s never mentioned again. Maybe it has to do with the codex being in different forms. I love the ring. Im gonna want a design for it soon. I want one just like it.
    12. Maybe Natalia’s a to be announced changeling somehow. Like how Raven can talk to walls, Natalia can talk to dead people.

    • Hi again. Nice points Selena.

      Logan isn’t hot on pets. If you remember his growing up years, he spent a fair amount of living on the street. In places like that, animals aren’t always your best friend. Still, maybe he just hasn’t found the right one. My guess is he’d be a dog guy. Maybe even pick up a stray or from the humane society. An animal that reminds Logan of himself…

      You’ll see the Codex in book form in the Companion. Not the ring… but that may be coming in an update.

      As for Natalia, it’s tempting to think she might be a changeling in waiting, or perhaps will pick up some magical token that gives her supernatural powers. Then again, having her being a normal human, with only were wits and sheer tenacity to keep her alive, is kind of a nice counterpoint to all the magic stuff going on everywhere else. But… BUT… if she DID have a power… I think talking to dead people would be pretty interesting. After all, she did see Stacy Bechton, right? I wonder if you’re on to something… ;-)

  29. Dakota, I love all of your suggestions. One of the things that popped into my head when I read yours was,
    Number 5, “lWhere do the adults go when the kids are captured by the Iron Maidens (Fall of the Templar)?”
    Response: Casinos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I just broke out laughing hysterically. And I now I feel obligated to write some crazy thing about this actually happening. Except I have to dig a tunnel in a mountain of homework right now. *sigh* Yeah, I’ll get to the writing thing eventually.

  31. Diddo. My mother’s my teacher, so even when I don’t have homework… I have homework. *sigh*
    Anyway, I think that there should be a whole, like, prequel series explaining the characters. One could be for Logan and Athena, one for Obadiah Strange (BTW, I named my pet mouse after him), one for Lord Sumner and one for Iver. Or it could all be one book. Like four different stories. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you think that Cameron Boyce would be a great Ernie? I also think that Leo Howard should play Harley. Just a thought. Have you ever read the Mortal Instruments series? It’s awesome. Oh, and you should check out the Steampunk Chronicles by Tessa Gratton, Fallen by Lauren Kate, Seven Realms by Cinda Williams Chima (she also writes the Heir Chronicles- the one with Leander Hastings :) ), and The Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa. They’re all kind of like the GGs but with more romance and action. :)

  32. I just posted a comment with the wrong email adress. *sigh* it was a total accident. I put .cm instead of .com. UGH! I just love it when I do that! Anyway, if you really like the GGs, you should check out The Steampunk Chronicles by Tessa Gratton, Fallen by Lauren Kate, Seven Realms by Cinda Williams Chima( she also writes the Heir Chronicles- a new one is coming out soon- with Leander Hastings) and The Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa. They’re all kinda like the GGs but with more romance and action. :) :) :) :) :) :) P.S. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but i’m a bit excited. :)

  33. Responce to Dakota’s responce to my list… wow that was alot.
    4. What if he is related to Logan or something? Or Vlad?
    10. What is he isn’t what if he’s under her enchantment and comes back in a later book as evil?! Maybe him and Lefay are- nah. it’s impossible.
    13. Maybe Natalia can use her mad medaling skills and have them meet up somehow. Maybe Athena and Logan will be all romantic then express their love in some desperate situation, thinking that they are going to die, only to find themselves in a really awkward moment afterward because they both lived…
    15. Okay, I hate to admit it, but I don’t think that her and Harley will have a real relationship. They’re only thirteenish. But, maybe they will. I really HOPE they will. There could be an epilogue like in the Harry Potter series where Harley and Raven are married with little Harley and Raven kids :)
    17. YES! That scar is like beast. Maybe Logan’s real worst fear is Winfrid. LOL!!! Y doesn’t he ever talk to Annika? Idk, but what if something happens between them? EEEWWW! Wait, that would actually be a cute storyline. Like they have a moment then Athena hears about it and comes back to win her Logan back.
    19. Diddo :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  34. Have I read the Mortal Instruments? Yes. Luke Garroway is the man…. wolf….? Yes. The other series? No, but I will add them to my Giant List O’ Books To Read.

    Cameron Boyce? Yes. Leo Howard… Maybe. And since a movie wouldn’t be for a couple of years with pre-production stuff and all, Dakota Goyo, who was fabulous in Real Steel, is my choice for Max.

    4. Well, I can see maybe Vlad? Like, really far back? But in like a “all pureblood wizards are related” way, not a “Hey, Uncle Vlad” way. Logan makes a lot less sense though, because if he has any Templar blood, it was from a LONG LONG TIME AGO (which isn’t impossible considering the theories about the Templar going to Scotland after the whole “Burn them at the stake” incident and Logan being Scottish. )

    13. Awkward moment indeed.

    15. I still don’t see the HarleyXRaven chemistry. It doesn’t work for me. Natalia and Ernie? Yes. Max and Brooke? Sure. Logan and Athena? So much yes that no isn’t even an option. Harley and Raven? Nah, not really.

    17. I think Max would be mortified and never speak to his mother or Logan again. Max already said he would not be okay with his mom having a boyfriend. Imagine the betrayal he’d feel if Logan, who’s supposed to be on his side, went against that wish? And I think Annika is too materialistic and superficial for Logan to even think about. Also, while Annika loves Max, she will not be achieving the World’s Best Mom award any time soon, and as someone who knows from experience that you can’t count on being able to be there for your kid their whole life Logan probably doesn’t agree with her on a “You’re my sort of my boss” basis.

        • Logan dislikes the following qualities when it comes to women: high-maintenance, demanding, demeaning, snobbish, too talkative, asks too many questions, dramatic, too sad, too happy, unable to “rough it”, incapable of being on time, judgmental – the list goes on and on. It wouldn’t matter how smart, powerful, wealthy or beautiful she was. He’d just get up from the table and leave.

          Any woman of interest to him would need to be capable, dependable, smart, witty, and share his respect for secrecy.

          • “the list goes on and on” Haha, I’m sure it does. Probably includes “messy”, right?

            …Hmmm… sounds like Athena before she went and messed up the “dependable” part. While we’re on the topic of Logan and Athena, care to define Athena’s type?

          • Athena is young. She’s beautiful. She’s brilliant, dangerous, and apparently a very effective actor… I don’t think any man she chose would ever truly be sure if she’s in love with him, or just wants him to think that she is. But the danger is that she could act so competently that she might even convince herself she was in love. At any rate, if she were to have a type, and certainly she’d never write such a list, it would be a man who was just as brilliant and dangerous as she was. She probably cares more about the brilliant part than the dangerous part, of course. Like Logan, she’d want someone who didn’t ask too many questions about her past. She likes to be a mystery. Even unto herself.

  35. Oh, hey, wait, Derek. Question of supreme importance:

    What soccer (football because he’s British) team does Logan support?

    The Celtic since he’s from Glasgow area???

    And, yes, this is very important information. I can totally picture Logan being a huge soccer fan. And in an alternate universe where his parents didn’t die, I can totally see him being a professional soccer player. So yes, very important question.

    • … … … Logan’s Scottish… … …

      Sorry, I was having a mental breakdown. I just finished Brimstone Key for the fifth time. I still cry when Robert “dies” even though I now know that it’s not real.
      Dakota Goyo would be PERFECT! And, as you said, Harley and Raven have like NO chemistry. Nat and Ernie, totally! I would love to see Derek and Jon play with that subject. Or maybe Nat and Harley. I used to all for that until Raven came around. But, he and Nat could have that cute, awkward, loving friendship.
      Max and Brook, YES! Totally 100% all the way. There’s no arguement. (Don’t think I spelled that right :O)

      This part is a very important question for Derek. If this goes unanswered I will explode:

      • Have you exploded yet?

        The parents were briefed and counseled prior to the kids going to Iron Bridge. I can perhaps share more when I look back at my notes. I believe they weren’t given the whole story, but it certainly helped, in Harley’s case, that the education was paid for. His mom would never have had enough money for private school. Additionally Iron Bridge has a strong placement among the Ivy Leagues – off the official record, of course. This was more than enough for Natalia’s parents to jump at the opportunity. As for Ernie, well, his parents needed a school that “understood” his rather “special needs”…. ;-)

      • So, I’ve done my research (because clearly the appropriate thing to do when you have a lot of homework is research Scottish soccer teams instead of doing it), and I have more questions stemming from this answer.

        1. Is Logan one of those really attached-to-his-team, vocal, boisterous sports fans? Is watching games “Let’s be loud” time for Captain Silent?

        2. The Rangers and the Celtic are both typically supported by Protestants and Catholics respectively. The Templar are, or were originally, a Catholic order. Do Logan’s religious views line up with his team? (What are Logan’s religious views, because I can see everything from Christian to agnostic) Does this cause any sort of conflict with the expectations of the Templar?

        3. Was playing professional football ever a goal for young, innocent Logan?

        4. What are his feelings on the recent liquidation/company switch/drop to Third Division nonsense? Has it even occurred in the Grey Griffins timeline? Was it totally not what he needed on top of the whole war and Athena betrayal?

        • 1. He’s not loud or boisterous under any circumstance. If he’s watching a game in the pub, he’s in a corner chair, eyes on the screen, with only the slightest hint of a smile when his team scores.

          2. Logan’s not religious. He’s the quiet, spiritual type that keeps his own counsel. I don’t think religious upbringing would inform his decision as to who he cheers for at the games. In his particular case, though, he’s a Rangers fan because they remind him of better days when he still had his family. It’s hard to argue with a fond memory. He also has friends on the team – though they don’t know what he does for a living.

          3. He played a lot of football, but he had his eyes on other things. It was never an aspiration for him.

          4. His only requirement for the new ownership was that they didn’t mess with the team or the game. So far so good. They may not have taken top honors last year, but they are never far off from another title.

          • Oh, the questions never end. (Sorry I’m so nit-picky/overly-interested)

            1. “Pub” leads me to the topic of drinking. Does Logan drink? (I’m assuming yes?)

            2. So, I’m guessing Catholicism isn’t a requirement for being a Templar. Also, Logan has the best friends; Soren, professional soccer players, talk about awesome.

            3. Other things? What other things?

          • 1. Logan doesn’t talk about his taste in beverages. How’s that? :-)
            2. Nope. Catholicism isn’t a requirement. The Templar, in this story, were aligned with the Catholic Church because their purposes were tightly aligned at the time. Since 1307AD, there remains a strong partnership, but there is no exclusivity.

  36. Scotland is part of Britain. The United Kingdom is a country that consists of the regions of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is the area of England, Wales, and Scotland. Each region kind of does its own thing, but they’re technically all under the government of Parliament and the Queen and such. So, yes, Logan is Scottish, but he’s also British.

    The end of Relic Hunters. Don’t even. I can’t. Logan. And the broken sunglasses. And ugh…

    And I thought I was the only one who cared about Logan’s love life :D.

    Well, the Templar would’ve had to tell them something, because Natalia and Ernie’s parents are both over-protective (stated in Rise of the Blackwolf, I think) and, busy as she is, I don’t think Harley’s mom would be able to overlook Harley going to a completely different school. And then there’s the part in Relic Hunters where Natalia gets hurt and she’s in the infirmary at Iron Bridge and her dad is there, so they’re not oblivious. I guess Logan or Iver or someone sat them down and explained the whole “faeries and monsters are real” thing to them at some point. I can’t imagine that was a particularly fun discussion to have.

    • First of all, Tushe (Or however you spell it), like I said, mental breakdown. LOL.

      Yeah, if my parents randomly learned that I was going to a different school and was fighting monsters, I would first of all be grounded for etrnity, second, would be totally dead, and third would be not only secluded to my room, but in a Luney hospital.

    • IF YOU HAVE NOT READ PARAGON PRISON YET, DO NOT READ THIS COMMENT!!!!!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

      Hale was found on an alternate universe along as Robert :)

  37. 1. All right, all right, middle grade fiction, no alcohol references. I can understand that. (Off Limits Topics for Logan: personal life, past, beverages. All very high security things)

    Brilliant, dangerous, and a respect for secrecy? Why, I know who that sounds like. I like the idea of Logan and Athena together more and more. Makes me even more upset at Athena for pulling the whole Order of the Dragon betrayal. She better have a good reason. And isn’t Logan not a bad actor himself? In Revenge of the Shadow King, Max says that Logan might not be what most people expect out of driver for the rich, but he’s great at acting the part when he needs to. More and more similarities between these two….

    Are we ever going to find out WHY “Stirling isn’t for everyone”, as Logan says?

    Is Logan really on first name basis with the Queen, or was that just a rumor Max heard?

    Do my Logan-related questions ever end? No, no they do not. I’m sure there are some non-Logan-related questions, but mostly Logan ones.

    • In Athena’s defense, she does have a “good” reason. Not that Logan would agree with it. And she knows it. So what is there to say? Sorry? That would never cut it with Logan. He’s pretty stubborn when it comes to changing his idea of right and wrong. But I completely agree. These two need to sort out their differences, or we need to go back in time and write about the time when they first met…

      “Stirling isn’t for everyone” is probably true of any school. Logan has some bad memories of the place. He never felt like he fit in, and the teachers targeted him when they wanted to set an example. The only thing the school has going for it, in his mind, is that they had the brains to actually put it in Scotland.

      As for Logan and the Queen, there’s a bit of truth in every rumor. But Logan’s not talking.

  38. If there’s a bit of thruth in every rumor, then the rumor going around about Natalia being a changeling is… more or less… truthful? Atleast to a certain extent? But, relating to the LOGAN TOPIC, since you said that “novellas are next,” can you write a novella about Logan and Athena’s past with eachother?

  39. THE LOGAN TOPIC (I’m sorry, did you mean: THE ONLY TOPIC? XD)
    I second this motion. I would buy the ever living daylights out of a Logan and Athena novella. I would wake up at the crack of dawn, order it on my Kindle, and finish it before school, and then skip school to read it more. The Many Reasons Why A Lothena Novella Would Be Fabulous: 1) Back story for the back-story-less wonders 2) Assuming this is told from one (BOTH?) of their points of view, we get in their heads. Are they as emotionless on the inside? 3) Young Logan and Athena. Enough said.

    How old were they when they met, or is that classified?

    The idea of anyone trying to get the two of them to sit down and “sort out their differences” is hysterical. “The two of you can’t leave this room until you’ve settled your differences!” 8 hours later. “Are they really just sitting there, not talking?! Why did I even try with them…” They (Well, Logan, at least. It seems like Athena is more willing to settle the differences. She’s sorry, he’s angry.) would have to be in a Situation where the only way to get out of the Situation would be to settle their differences.

    Agggghhhhh This is terribly sad… Poor younger Logan. Wonder what all his teachers and classmates from Stirling thought when he became the commander of the THOR agency…. And he also says that he went to Stirling “for a time”. Is that just “Yeah, I went there.” or is it “I did part of the education thing there. Not telling you the whole story because I don’t want to and you can’t make me.”?

    I feel like it’s a really good story. I’ve been rereading Shadow King late at night/early hours of morning when I’m totally exhausted and everything is funny, and I’ll get to the part about the Queen and my sleep-deprived mind is all: “First name basis with the Queen? For real? What do you do, Logan? Call up the Queen and be like “Hey,Elizabeth, wanna go grab lunch today?” Which, yes, is silly, but amusing (at least at 2 in the morning).

  40. Yeah, I just recently reread “The Brimstone Key” and the hints that Obbadiah is The Clockwork King are endless! It was actually pretty obvious that he was Von Strife. The whole music player thing! I mean, I feel really stupid now! But, I guess it’s kinda like Star Wars. Hardly anyone knew that Darth Vader was Luke’s dad, but his name literally meant Darth Father in German.
    I guess that I’m just having one of my moments. OOOHHH!!!! There should be a novella based on Obadiah and him loosing Sophia (along with Aiden’s reaction). I mean, I was sooooooooo sad when Aiden died. I cried for a while on that one. But, maybe he wasn’t as bad as he seemed, maybe he was just depressed and didn’t know how to express it. I still think that there should be a second Aiden who appears, just as there were other everyone elses. But, this Aiden could be totally different from the one the Griffins knew. He could be nice and fun and well… not Smoke like. He could actually be the Griffins sorta friend.

    • I’ve always wanted to write Von Strife’s backstory, across the many lives he led, including his time as apprentice to Lord Saxon. As Saxon was nobody’s fool, there was always a danger of him finding out Obadiah’s true identity. And if anyone could kill Obadiah once and for all (defeating his ability to be reborn), it would be Saxon.

      Smoke is a really interesting character. He was his own worst enemy when it came down to it. He could have been truly amazing. So much power.

  41. So I was just rereading Paragon Prison and it says that Max hit his baseball glove with his left hand. Is Max left handed?

  42. I guess… I never imagined him being left handed. I pictured Harley being a lefty, though. Idk why, I just did. And when Logan says something about betting your breaches (or however it’s spelled), did someone end up pantsless for a while? Now, that would be funny. So, in Paragon Prison, when they’re talking online about Sprig, Ernie mentions food poisoning and how he ate a week old tuna sandwich and got sick. WHY ON EARTH WOULD SOMEONE EAT A WEEK OLD TUNA SANDWICH?! IT’S JUST COMMON SENSE.
    Sorry, I was having a Selena moment. Anyway, with (hopefully) the novellas coming up, are you going to make some fanfics a reality with them? I know some fanfics posted online are rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy good, and actually make sense with the story line. Could that be a possible thing? I, being a fangirl known for having major fangirl moments, would love to see that happen and know some others who would love that. I also think that it would hold fans over who have already read the other books dozens of times.

    • When Ernie is hungry, he’ll eat almost anything. And because he’s a changeling, he can count on his faerie healing-factor to sort it all out. Well, mostly. The rotten tuna hit him faster than his healing factor could kick in. But don’t think he’s learned his lesson. :-)

  43. That’s my favorite line in all 6 books. It’s “You bet your breeks.” and I don’t believe anyone ever ended up pantsless. Though it’s been a good 5 years or so since I first read Fall of the Templar, I’m still amused by the very idea. “You bet your pants I’m coming with you.” I don’t know if he was trying to be funny and help Max calm down (in which case, he probably failed, because I doubt Max knew breeks means pants. I had to google it.) or if he was suggesting that it was such a ridiculous idea that he wouldn’t go with with Max that Max could bet his pants on the fact and not have to worry about losing.

    “read the other books dozens of times” hahahahahaha I’ve read ‘em so many times I can quote from them and name page numbers for some things and if you were to pass me one of the books and say “Find the part where bla blah blah happens” I could do it pretty freaking quickly. My copies of the first 4 are full of notes in the margins and underlining (the last two are ebooks so I have electronic notes and highlighting). My copies of the first 3 are actually physically falling apart because I’ve read them so many times.

    And where have you been reading Grey Griffins fanfiction, because I can’t find anything good. Links to anything good would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks!

      Erntalia all of the way.

      There’s yet to be a character who I think Harley could have a good relationship with. Harley needs somebody as relaxed and outdoorsy as he is. A girl who’s going to call him and say “Wanna go fishing together?” and just be happy to sit quietly and fish. Someone who’s just as daring as he is, who would go dirt biking and hiking and running off after animals in the woods and race go-carts with him. Raven? Way too dramatic. Natalia? Not willing to let go and let Harley do all the adventurous things he wants to do.

  44. First order of business: 100th post. *blows one of those party blower things*

    I’ve recently been rereading Paragon Prison. I’ve got more questions.

    1. In the newspaper article Ernie finds, Logan is identified as Max’s bodyguard. No mention is made of him being in charge of the THOR agency. Wouldn’t he be more widely known as the THOR commander than Max’s bodyguard? From the way the article is written, it sounds like Beta Logan isn’t particularly well-known, while, in the Brimstone Key, the Toad Brothers refer to Alpha Logan as a “famous mentor”. Is Beta Logan not the THOR commander?

    2. If Strange and von Strife are the same person, how did Strange steal the Brimstone Key before showing up with Griffins and Logan? Wasn’t he with the Templar the whole time in between him solving the riddle of the Saxon’s diary and the group reaching the Brimstone Key?

    3. Is Alpha Monti okay??? He’s just about the only one we don’t hear about at the end of Paragon Prison after Harley brings up how worried he is about Monti throughout the book.

    4. Logan has Max’s Codex ring for a while. Why didn’t Max feel any ill effects? Strange said Max could die from being separated from the Codex long enough. Was it really not that long at all?

    5. There’s a hatbox sitting on the bench in the scene where Max has an actual conversation with Beta Logan (the part where he gave Max his jacket…. Ahhhhh) and Max is there for like half an hour before Logan shows up and he doesn’t notice? Where was the box before? Did Logan sneak up, put the box on the bench, climb onto the roof, and then surprise Max?

    • 1. On Earth Beta, Logan played a very similar role as his Alpha counterpart, except that on Earth Beta, THOR wasn’t quite as “busy” as on Alpha. Recall that things were just a little more peaceful on Beta. Therefore, Beta Logan is more known for his association with the famous Sumner family.

      2. Would Von Strife have personally needed to be there at the theft itself?

      3. Monti’s recovering, and thanks for asking. There’s a lot more to that story that didn’t make it into the book.

      4. Hmm… I see we should think about documenting a more definitive answer! Off hand, I’d say a couple weeks of separation would begin to gnaw at Max’s nerves…

      5. This is Logan we are talking about here… Explaining how he did it wouldn’t be doing him any favors.

  45. … I’ve got a few more questions…
    Brimstone Key
    1. Why does Von Strife see Raven and Nat when they’re looking in his journal? It’s never clarified, and it kinda bugs me.
    2. I get why, but I don’t actually get WHY the Grey Griffins were sent to Iron Bridge. I mean, I get that it’s better protection, but it’s so far…
    3. ;,( I still cry every time Robert dies. It’s soooo sad! (I know it’s not a question… but, you know…)
    4. Dragon dug tea… Just, wow. How in the world would Obadiah just happen to stumble upon Dragon DUNG tea. It’s not like a dragon is just gonna do that for ya.
    5. Aiden. Just Aiden. Is he supposed to be poised as the “bad boy” figure, or am I the only one who sees him that way? Because, he’s a jerk at times, but he’s got the “looks” with the blond hair and blue eyes. It just seems like he’s supposed to be the “hot jerk” type character.
    6. The dance? I was soooo hoping that someone- preferably Harley at the moment- would ask Nat to dance or something. And, why did Aiden agree to follow Brook over? That moment, when he was walking over to them, is when I decided that I liked him as a character, no matter how mischievous and devious, that I would forever like him.
    Relic Hunters
    1. Why did the dudes want Hale? I get that she’s a shapeshifter, but why not Annie or Ernie or Denton or Ye Lu?
    2. It was soooo cute when Ernie was visiting Nat in the hospital, but why weren’t the other Grey Griffins? Brook only tells Nat about Ernie coming to visit.
    3. How was Brook not practically dying when she was in her room just before Max “contacted” her through the mirror? Her love, her best friend, and… the other two… were just- in her mind- brutally killed by a brutally killing machine in some weird place, just after healing a dying Logan.
    4. OMG. When Logan was dying, I was in tears. In my mind, I was going, “If you die, I will never swoon over you again, I swear!!!” And yes, I have a tendancy to swoon. Were you planning on killing Logan off, and had a change of heart, or were you planning on doing this the whole time?
    5. Most people are totally on the three Grey Griffins’ sides through the time when Ernie is angry, but I think that if one of my best friends just killed another one of my best friends, I would be pretty mad.
    Paragon Prison.
    I’ve only got one question, and I’ve already asked in MANY MANY MANY times. Will there ever be another Aiden Thorne? He was my apsolute favorite, and if he doesn’t return, I will probably cry and my head will explode from an overload of emotion that only teenage girls have and will die a horrible dead, and my parents will have to explain to the doctor, so he doesn’t have to do an autopsy, that I died because my favorite Aiden Thorne was blone into a million peices in an alternate universe and will be put in a mental hospital where they’re only fed baby food.
    There you have it. If Aiden doesn’t return, my parents will be eating baby food for the rest of their lives.

    • Hey Selena,

      Let me answer some things here:

      1. Von strife is extremely intuitive, when it comes to magic. He can sense when it’s being used, no matter if it’s today or coming from some time in the future or present. He may not have been able to recognize them, but he would certainly be aware. Eavesdropping on the Baron would be just as dangerous. Perhaps more so.

      2. Iron Bridge is “so far”? You mean, so far away? It’s practically next door, if you are riding the Zephyr. Maybe I didn’t understand the question.

      3. Robert: I was pretty sad when we wrote it. Especially when I saw the mist rising into the air. Gets me every time.

      4. The Sabine dragon’s dung had been used medicinally for centuries (some countries today still use the dung of other animals, like elephants, for the same reason). So it’s not like he’d have had trouble getting his hands on some at the local apothecary in New Avalon. But as to how he stumbled onto the idea of distilling it into a tea for the use of protecting changelings… I just don’t know. I’d like to think he didn’t just drink it for fun, and only realized it’s abilities after the fact. :-)

      5. Aiden: How “hot” he is would depend on your taste for danger…

      6. There was a lot that went on at the dance that didn’t make it into the book. Perhaps that’s a area we can cover in upcoming stories…

      7. Hale’s kidnapping: You know, it probably came down to the fact that she was available. She was an easier target than some of the others. With Yi Lu, you never know what would happen if you tried to grab him. He might go nuclear.

      8. Natalia in the hospital: the other Griffins visited her whenever they were able, but we had to remove those sections to keep the story moving along quickly.

      9. Max in the Mirror: If it was Alpha Brooke that saw the image, then you are right that she’d be pretty upset. Bodily, she would have easily recovered by then. But her heart would be crushed at the thought… If….

      10. Let’s put it this way, if we killed Logan off, he’d have come after us. No thank you. :-)

      11. Ernie’s anger: Ernie blamed himself, even more than than the Griffins, for a lot of what went wrong. But it wasn’t so much his feelings that isolated him. It’s how he dealt with them by avoiding everyone and walking around with a chip on his shoulder. He just wasn’t ready to let go. Completely understandable, but still, it was hard to be his friend when all he’d ever do is snap at you and sulk.

      12. Aiden’s return. Wow… Well, we can’t give too much up. But we do like Smoke very much. And it would be easy to believe that when he crossed through the Paragon Engine that that may have been only the beginning of his adventures. There’s a whole multiverse out there when endless Earths. Who’s to say he isn’t there right now, waiting…

  46. … Since everyone else seems to be (more or less… Even if you are busy) ignoring the website, I’m gonna post again. (No offense intended. Just my -utterly terrible- humor :) )

    So, I take it that you (Derek and Jon) knew from the beginning that Obadiah was going to be Von Strife? And did you know that Aiden was going to be his adopted son? And, who are Aiden’s real parents? Maybe he can (Could have… *Sniff Sniff*) been related to one of the Griffins? Even if it’s distant? Or maybe related to Iver, or someone like that? Or, better yet, Blackstone?

    But seriously, you know how (and I’m guessing this is where you based it off of) Morgana Lafey -in the King Arthur stories- killed Arthur? How is she still alive, then? And is the spear of (This is gonna be like gibberish because I can’t spell) rogonok- or whatever it is! The spear that Max gives his Father- is that supposed to be kinda like a Excalliber- or however it’s spelled-? Because, Morgan- Morgana… Related??????? And Round Table? Is that in any way related to Arthur’s round table of knghts?

    Okay, so changing the subject for a moment… If you ever read James Patterson’s young adult/teen fiction novels such as Maximum Ride (Love those books. You should really check them out) or Daniel X, you can go to Barnes and Noble and find a Manga on that story. And I, for one, love Manga. My room is litterally decorated by Manga books too thick to put on my bookshelf. Anyway, the Grey Griffins should become a Manga Series, too! It will give fans an idea of what the characters look like, and it will make the whole experience more interesting. Now, I’m not saying that you should stop writing books and start making Mangas. I’m saying that along with books, Mangas should be made. If that’s too much, then we’ll live until the movies (hopefully) come out.

    Back to the “Only subject) XP I’m guessing that Logan had at least one teacher in school that he really looked up to. If he did, what would happen if that one teacher paid him a visit? And- changing subject- IS MONTE OKAY?! He’s the only person that we don’t hear about at the end of Paragon Prison. Is he dead, or something? Because if he is, I’m probably gonna cry and start breaking stuff like I did when Obadiah and Aiden died. BTW, I’m still really upset about Aiden’s death. I don’t know why, but he took over as my favorite character in the last three books. What does that say about me??? But, I would really love to see a novella/ at least a backstory on him to kind of give me closure. (I’m pathetic, aren’t I?)

  47. I’ve just read all 3 clockwork books of it! I know it’s a bit late but it’s really interesting!
    Ross and Todd are really funny but did the griffins go back to their original universe with Iver?
    And i hope Aiden comes bak in the next book. His death is soooooooo sad!!

    • Jazmin… Amen sister!!!! Up until now (actually about five minutes ago, because I was watching Pandora Hearts) I thought that I was alone in the Aiden… Fandomness? If he doesn’t come back, I will be utterly ruined. But, changing the depressing subject, can I buy the companion off of Barnes&Noble’s website? I haven’t checked yet, but I’ll be sure to!

  48. I’m officially psyched about the companion! You know that feeling where your stomach gets woozy out of excitement, and you feel like you’re going to pass out? That’s me, like, right now! I’m going around finding any Grey Griffins related stuff and expressing how exited I am! And, BTW, thank you sooooo <– there's a red line under that- much for making a correct-your-spelling-thing for posting comments! Now I know how terrible my spelling is. Thanks! (BTW, I mean that literally, not sarcastically)

    • I’ve always had the spell-check in the comment box. Did you switch Internet browsers recently? I know Google Chrome (which I use) has built in spell-check just about anywhere you type.

  49. I didn’t switch anything. But, now I can say that I was proven to be stupid for the third time today. I just thought that they updated the website along with the whole COMPANION (OMFreakingGreyGriffinness!!!) thing, and that was why… Maybe my pc updated itself or something.

    Okay, YAY!!!!!!!!! The companion is coming out!!!!!!! Words can not express how happy I am right now. Except for the fact that I’m grounded from electronics because I failed to do my chores… I snuck my iPod… Anyway, if it comes out while I’m still grounded, I’m going to, like, move in with my grandparents and use their ancient computer to read it :)

  50. So, I seriously think that there should be a novella/backstory on Ray Fisher (or whatever his last name is). He is honestly a pretty interesting character, even if he did try to, you know, kill Max. I mean, he became a shadow beast thing. So, there would be at least some story there. And, there should also be one on Sprig. Seriously! She stole the jewel from Tatiana and Oberon, she’s got to have some guts. There should also be one on Athena. She’s got some serious skills to be able to get to Logan like that. And, of coarse, Aiden Thorne! Like, what if he wasn’t a changeling from birth. Maybe his real parents did something terrible to him, and Strange saved him by turning him into an amazingly powerful changeling. And that could be why Aiden trusts him so much while he’s taking all of the changelings!?

  51. Yeah, and actually I wish the next book ( if it ever comes out) will include some of the character’s past lives! Example Aiden’s past should be in it too! I don’t know who Ray Fisher is or Athena. We’re they mentioned in previous books? I’ve only read the clockwork ones.

    • Hi Jazmin:

      1. The Night of Dragons is a follow-up story, that takes place shortly after the Paragon Engine.
      2. Operation Sheba is a 50 page short story about Max’s grandfather’s first adventure prior to WWII. You’ll meet two characters from the books which provide a little fun backstory.

      Other stories will follow.

  52. When i was in 4th grade i found The Revenge of The Shadow King in my school library. My friend Robbie said he started reading some of it but never finished. It looked really interesting so i started to read it. My school library was shut down early that year so i never finished it. Over the summer i went to a small bookstore at my local mall. I thought to myself “i wonder if they have the book here”. I was thinking the odds must of one out of one million considering how small the store was. I went to the back off the store and on a small shelf with about 15 other books it was right there ironicly next to a different book i’ve already read. I was sooooooo excited and started reading as soon as i got home. I’ve read it about three times now and just recently started reading The Rise of the Black Wolf. ITS AMAZING. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. You dont know how much i appreciate these books. Im kinda of a bookaholic and have read many many many many books and yours are by far some of the best. I hope that you Jon and you Derek keep writing more books together and keep making other bookaholics like me happy.THANKS!!!!

  53. Also I had a question referring to the books themselves, how are the parents of Harley, Natalie, and Ernie ok with the sons and daughters going to a new school when they don’t even know anything about it or its magical properties?

    • Ernie’s parents knew quite well what was going on after his accident in Antarctica. And of course Max’s parents knew all along. As to Harley and Natalia, Iron Bridge sent someone to “talk” with the families, let them into the “secret” – so to speak. They don’t know everything… but they know enough. There is also the possibility that the Baron might have “influenced” them in some way to make them look the other way, so to speak. He’s not above it. Unlike Iver, the Baron is all about the greater good, and that meant having the Griffins at Iron Bridge at all costs.

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