What’s Going on with the Round Table TCG?

What Happened to the Round Table TCG?

When we were growing up, we used to play something called Middle Earth Roleplaying Game or MERP. It was basically Dungeons & Dragons, but set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. We loved creating characters, writing scenarios and playing for hours as we sat around a dining room table eating taco pizza from Casey’s General Store (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it) and drinking Dr. Pepper.

MERP is part of the reason we became writers. When we created characters we had to come up with backgrounds, what kind of languages they spoke, what their talents were, what they looked like, and more. It taught us how to make multi-faceted characters that went beyond stereotypes, and it was the part of the game that we loved the most. Our love for MERP is why we introduced gaming into the Grey Griffins series, but tabletop roleplaying games had gone out of style when we started writing, so we created Round Table, a hybrid that mixes a traditional tabletop roleplaying game or RPG (complete with D10 dice) with a Trading Card Game or TCG (similar to Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh).

But Round Table became more than a game. It afforded our characters an opportunity to learn how to fight monsters and dark faeries without getting hurt.

We had no idea that the Grey Griffins would end up selling nearly a million copies in the initial trilogy, nor were we ready for the popularity of Round Table. Five years after its inception, we still get a lot of requests from people wondering when Round Table will be available for purchase. Unfortunately, we’re not sure.

It was in development at an incredible gaming company called WizKids. They created something called Heroclix, a kind of chess meets RPG with miniature superhero action figures. Unfortunately WizKids folded in the middle of Round Table’s devlopment cycle, and though the company was later sold to NECA, HeroClix was the only property that survived the transition.

At one point it looked like someone was going to create an online version, but that fell through as well. So for now, we’re concentrating on wrapping up the Clockwork Chronicles trilogy with The Paragon Prison. Once that’s done, we’ll sit down and decide what comes next.

We want you to know how much we appreciate all of your support over the years. And we hope that one day we’ll be able to provide you with an opportunity to play Round Table!

48 thoughts on “What’s Going on with the Round Table TCG?

  1. I LOVE these books. Best books EVER. I LOVE these authors and would like to know if they have written any other books. These books made me enjoy reading again. I would love more books to read about the grey griffins so MAKE MORE BOOK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite books ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THESE BOOKS
    Sincerely:Madelyn H Krueger
    Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginable.
    Thank you so much

  2. Hi, I was wondering if this book (Nex) was siluabte for a 12 year old girl? (My daughter) I have every intention of reading a copy myself and therefore finding out for myself if it’s siluabte, but I’m still deep in another book. I’ve not found any kind of rating for any of your books, apologies if I’ve just not looked hard enough!Cheers.Tony

    • Definitely suitable. A lot of the fans here are around that age. There’s even been a few as young as seven that have read it in a single sitting. I was never able to do that at seven, so I was pretty impressed.

  3. i love your books a lot!!! i haven’t been on my account for a really long time. i still need to buy The Fall of the Templar. i can’t wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello, I love reading your storys and have always waited for the Round Table Trading Card Game. It seem fun in the books and I hope it is just as fun in real life. several of the cards I just can’t wait to get my hands on are: Crypt Sentinel, Doppelgangers, Dragons, Frost Giants, Gargoyles, Ice and Inferno Imps, Skreechers, Snatchers, Tundra Troll, Werewolfs, and most of all The Shadow King. If you can work as hard as you can to produce Round Table TCG, it would be greatly appericated.

    • I think you’re right. I would love to play a Crypt Sentinel myself. What we need to do with the card game is to find a new game company to make it. The previous company (who rocked, BTW) had to close operations due to the economy.

  5. I was never a big reader all through school and im not even one now. But the initial trilogy has been an amazing adventure to experience in my mind. You guys are so good at putting the reader right there in the story. Ive read the trilogy two times and now starting my third time. I cant get enough. Thank you guys for being amazing artists! P.s. I would love if you guys could draw me a tattoo! :)

  6. I’m twelve, and I’ve read a lot of books. However, very seldom do I read books that have made me check the author’s website every day since the end of book three (Fall of the Templar). In fact, you guys are the only authors to be able to get me actually involved with other events (websites, signings, etc.)! Anyway, ever since I finshed those first three books, I have one of the Grey Griffins’ books on my desk, ready to be read. In other words, I’m hooked. I really got into your books when I saw you at a signing in Johnston, IA (in case you remember). What I’m really trying to say is that I REALLY like your books and hope to see more soon. But if it doesn’t come out soon I’ll understand (books tend to take a while to write).

    P.S. I’m also waiting and hoping for some Round Table!

  7. The Revenge of the Shadow King was my first “favorite book”. Im 13 now and have loved the entire grey griffens series for 5 years since age 8. My parents read them, I got my friends to read them. Best books I have truly ever read even compared to series such as game of thrones, harry potter, and the inheritance cycle. First I just want to thank you for 5 years of the best reading I’ve ever done. Second, have you ever considered the option of a tv show? Third, I beg you not to give up on the series or the trading card game. Id hate to see one of the world’s best creations to just disappear one day. I think I speak for most fans when I say thank you…

  8. Hello sirs im new to you books (only read The Fall of the Templar ) AND I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I did not see when this was posted. Sorry if this is late but. If and when ( key word WHEN) you make them E-MAIL! Thanks!

  9. Hello, I was just wondering if maybe you guys could post the rules you created for the game, how to play and what not, maybe a few pictures on the cards you’ve already made yourself? I just want to get a better idea of what sounds like an excellent game from the many small hints in the series. :)
    It be really cool if someone responded, please and thank you :)

    • Great question. And one that we get asked a lot. We’d like to explore more opportunities to turn it into the kind of game you’d really like to see, before we reveal all its secrets on a blog. A few years back, it was soooo close to being in all your favorite stores. And then the economy collapsed. :-(

  10. hey i was just thinking you guys should make a movie that is just as amazing as amazing as the book and round table card game to go with it that would be so cool if you guys could do that there is no doubt this best book series i`v ever read that would be so so so cool if you guy could do that for all the people out there that love this book as much as i do i have finished reading the first series grey griffins series and i have to say that is the best book series ever i am now reading the brimstone key and almost done i am excited to read the next book that would just be so amazing if you guys could make a movie or to on the grey griffins that would be amazing if you could also put round table cards in the market thanks

  11. Hey Derek! First off, I just want to say that the Grey Griffins series of books is the only book series that has really kept me interested throughout 6 books. Thank you so much for such awesome material! Second, for the movie idea have you thought of trying to raise funds through donations, like the one thing on youtube (not sure) were you post a video of what you want and prople donate. Cant remember what it is called. And third, are you and JS planning another book series with the Griffins?? If so, that would be awesome :)

    • As a matter a fact, JS (Jon) and I were talking about a new series of short stories a couple days ago! As for a movie, well, we hadn’t thought of donations or doing a kickstarter for it… Hmmm….. Good ideas, Austin.

  12. Hi i have a few questions on the new book series. First, are logan brooke, cain, max’s dad, black wolf society, athena, ray, amd dracula in the series? Second, do they play a big part in the story if they are in it? Lastly, does max learn more tricks with skyfire or new magic tricks in general?

  13. it would be awesome to play a game of Round Table! Please make one! Love the books!
    (Also, I’m trying to write a book, could you give me some tips, or even edit it? It’s only about 5o pages long.)

  14. Hello, mr. Benz. You’re series brought the geek out me every time. Ive read both trilogies of the Grey Griffins series and was wondering(and begging) if you and J.S. could continue the Griffins adventures.

  15. Hey there!

    I was in fifth grade when i first picked up The Revenge of the Shadow King. It had me hooked from page one and I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing story line. The characters and the creatures were perfectly woven with myths and stories of old- in fact, in was a recepe for a fantastic story- and quickly became one!

    I just have a few quick questions that I’ve been unable to find the answers to tonight (some answers to the FAQ were a bit outdated, so I just wanted to double check!)

    1. Is the Brimstone Key a direct continuation of the Fall of the Templar? I’m hoping it is so I can order the newer books immediately to get to reading them!

    2. Is there a possibility of the Round Table Card Game being released soon? When I was younger I used to visit the local TCG store once month (Whenever their new shipment date was) to see if the card game had been released yet. I’ve collected quite an assortment of 10-sided dice in that time! (If so, please use whoever drew the covers for the original trilogy for the images- the “realistic” drawings are 1000x better! They add a very capturing effect!)

    3. Is there a possibility of a Grey Griffins movie still? I miss the page on the old website were fans could post their dream casts! I have a few suggestions – just for fun, of course:

    Helen Mirren would make a fantastic Grandma Caliburn.
    Aaron Eckhart would make a perfect Lord Sumner, especially with longer hair.
    Logan is a very tough cast- I understand the need to have strong names to carry the movie for grossing- so possibly Tom Hardy? I always imagined Logan as a tall, lean but fit man, but for the sake of success, I guess some things need to be compromised slightly.
    Diane Kruger would make a good Annika Sumner.
    And for Iver, maybe Scott Wilson?
    Just a few suggestions. I apologize if I’m wasting your time, I assume you’ve gotten dozens of emails like this one!

    Anyway, I just want to say thank you for all your hard work, you’ve created a legacy that will continue to live on through your readers.

    Hoping You’re Well,
    17, California

    • Hi Dylan,

      Let me go through your questions one by one:

      1. Yes, the Brimstone Key storyline occurs only a few months after the end of the Fall of the Templar.

      2. Round Table the game not in production at the moment. It’s always something we wanted to do, though.

      3. The movie remains in “option” – that is, a movie studio has the option to pursue it, and it remains in their hands. We’ll just cross our fingers.The casting ideas were great! Originally, the leading candidate for Logan was Jason Statham. But most of the other casting ideas have changed quite a bit. Particularly for the Grey Griffins themselves.

  16. Hi. I just started reading the grey griffins, but the books are awesome! I was really hoping that round table was a real game, and now I know (correct me if i’m wrong) it almost became a real thing, but the company creating the game just flopped. I hope that you can find a good RELIABLE company so I can get a few card decks and hook my friends.

    • Yep and yep. We hope we can do this, as well. When we originally made Round Table for the book, we had to be able to ensure it worked, so we built mock-ups and played and tweaked until it became the game we really wanted. Then the game company took hold of it and really made it awesome. Then came November 2008, and sorrow and despair fell upon the land…

  17. Hello I just finished rereading both of the series and I was wondering if there was going to be a 7th book and if you where working on the Round Table TCG and if so when it would come out. Your books are my favorite and I loved reading them and are hoping that you will continue the adventure.

    • Hi Josh – thanks for the note. At the moment, we have two eBooks that are part of the overall world of the Grey Griffins. They are up on Amazon. One is the Grey Griffin Companion and the other is Operation Sheba. But as for a true Grey Griffins seventh novel, we haven’t started in on it quite yet.

  18. Also I was reading one of the books and I saw that you mentioned Changing Hands which I thought was very cool because I live in Arizona and go to that bookstore all the time, in fact that is where I buy ALL my books (including yours). I heard that you came and spoke there once but I unfortunately didn’t know about it at the time, so I was going to ask you if you could come and speak there again? Thank you.

    • Jon (JS) Lewis visits Changing Hands at least once a year. Next time you are there, ask one of the amazing booksellers if he’s on the calendar. As for me, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it back to Arizona for a while yet. But if I did, that would be one of the first places I’d go.

  19. Just checking in to remind you that a LOT of people would be VERY happy to see round table comming true. Even maybe a sneak peak of somesort, anysort!!!
    I read the books a long time ago, but i don’t think there is enough information in them to gleen the rules for myself, otherwise I would have been playing round table for a long time now!!!
    Good luck, and god speed.

  20. Have you thought about starting your own game/book company? If you could invent an awesome game like round table and awesome books about the grey griffens than you could surely come up with more games and books. Just think, You Could Make MILLIONS!

    Nathan K. LangtonIII

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