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* Volume One (Issues 1-6): Free Realms Book 1
* Volume Two (Issues 7-12): Free Realms Book 2

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FreeRealms 1: Caught in a Web of Lies
Dane braves the monsters of Briarwood to look for a lost girl, but he stumbles into a murder plot where he becomes a suspect. He teams up with a deadly pixie, and after narrowly escaping a horde of giant spiders, they are caught by giant troll-like creatures.

FreeRealms 2: Rise of the Spore Zombies
Hoping to find a young girl lost in the woods, Dane and Maya are attacked by spore zombies.

FreeRealms 3: The Fast and the Freaky
Dane and Maya return from their dangerous mission into the Briarwood to retrieve the missing girl, but the queen’s representatives aren’t offering a hero’s welcome! Looks like the queen couldn’t care less about the young girl and instead wants the box containing the potion that could keep her majesty from dying. But the box is empty! Now Dane and Maya must return to the Briarwood to find the vial before the queen dies…or her fate becomes their own!

FreeRealms 4: Assassins
When Dane and Maya return to Briarwood, Darkthorne’s followers accuse them of trying to assassinate the sorceress with a deadly poison. Now the pair must survive the darkest corners of Briarwood as they search for an alchemist that who can prove their innocence.

FreeRealms 5: Puppet Master
Darkthorne reveals a dangerous secret that could threaten the stability of the Free Realms™ universe. She claims that Queen Valerian’s trusted advisor is actually a spy sent to not only poison the queen, but to usher in a new evil like their world has never known. The unlikely allies must join forces to save the realm.

FreeRealms 6: The Coming Darkness
Dane and Maya storm the castle in Sanctuary, but they may be too late to save the queen. They have to fight through hordes of monsters and soldiers, but even when it looks like the day is won, Geoffrey offers a chilling warning of the dark days that lie ahead.

FreeRealms 7: Scavenger Hunt
Saving Queen Valerian’s life launched Dane and Maya into the spotlight. All Maya wants is to return to a life of anonymity, but Dane is looking to parlay his 15 minutes of fame into a lifetime of fortune. He talks Maya into entering the Royal Scavenger Hunt with him, but when they get trapped in a crypt beneath Blackspore Swamp, the adventurers realize quickly that they may not live past the first stage.

FreeRealms 8: It Takes a Thief
A crypt guardian has been unleashed in Blackspore Swamp, threatening to end the Royal Scavenger Hunt for Dane and Maya before it begins. But even if they they manage to make it out alive, a horde of vicious swamp cray are waiting to rip them apart once they leave the crypt. With a little luck, and the help of a stranger who lives in the cemetery, they just might make it to the second leg of the race.

FreeRealms 9: Like A Bird In A Cage
A map found in the bottom of a crypt has led Dane and Maya deep inside a series of caverns that are filled with chuguawug outlaws and deadly traps. Then, just when it looks like their luck is about to turn, Maya flies into danger and it’s up to Dane and a monstrous friend to get her out.

FreeRealms 10: Soul Food
With the Chaos Amulet in hand, Dane and Maya set out to Merryvale to retrieve the first Chaos Stone. Dane becomes ensnared by allure of fairy magic, while Maya is whisked away to the Den of Secrets. There she learns about a dark magic that not only gives the fairies their eternal youth, but it has deadly consequences for the many tourists who travel to the charming land.

FreeRealms 11: Throw Down
Dane and Maya must travel to icy mountains of Snow Hill to retrieve the second Chaos Stone. When they arrive, they discover that something has enraged the Yetis, Now Dane and Maya have to team up with an unlikely ally to subdue the furry behemoths before they not only tear apart the city, but ruin the duo’s chances to win the Royal Scavenger Hunt.

FreeRealms 12: Darkness Rising
The final leg of the Royal Scavenger Hunt leads Dane and Maya to the enlightened paths of Misty Mountain. With only one Chaos Stone left to retrieve, a powerful beast attacks them. They had no idea that vicious creature would be the least of their concerns… or that because of their actions the world may come to an end. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of Free Realms!